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void is a collective of artists from the photography undergraduate course at falmouth university.

Here, we’ll be sharing an eclectic pool of works made by our artists, ranging from photographs, installations to tapestry, challenging the status quo and to explicate the limitless potential of the medium, seeking to realign and reposition discourse in the contemporary.


For our industry partners, please go here to order a complimentary copy of our catalogue: bit.ly/asob-industry

Designed on Cargo Collective.
UI/UX by Isaiah Cheng.

a Sense of Being Team:

Art Director/Finance
Isaiah Cheng

Madeleine Stuart-Smith (Lead), Niamh O’Leary,
Amber Phipps, Shona Waldron, Oliver Dundas,
Malcolm Soh, Paige Broadhurst, Lizzy Tollemache,
Harvey Gorst

Emily Carson (Lead), Thomas Claydon Smith, Julia Wrzesinska

Maddie Wilkins (Lead), Elizabeth Dowling-Nash,
Lily Palmer-Moore, Ella Savoury, Tamzin Marr,
Vivienne Tutunaru, Aisling Edwards,
Zenobia Thomas-Atkin

Ryan Hopewell (Lead), Malcolm Soh, Jessica Eke

Sadia Aery (Lead), Helena Manford, Jamie Smith,
Ben Piper, Maddie Stuart-Smith, Lois Maher, Charlie Pountey

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