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Lower Hall

A-Z List Of Artists

Ensemble Piece from Out of Line (2020) by Isaiah Cheng

Out of Line

Isaiah Cheng

︎ isaiahcheng.com

︎ isaiahcheng_

In this current political and social climate, one can get an encroaching sense of the world being more authoritative and constricting. One of the hallmarks of the contemporary landscape is the use of architecture to purposefully steer and regulate behavior.

A street railing circumscribes how we interact with our environment. Lines and markings on the ground dictate and regulate our movements.

But yet, we are never completely aware of the soft and tacit power these objects have over us.

Through assemblages and performance in Out of Line, the artist concerns himself over such ‘structures of obedience’ and challenges our understanding of these everyday objects, presenting them as subjects for heightened and alternate contemplation.

Right:  Disruption Piece from Out of Line (2020) by Isaiah Cheng

1-4: Of Lines & Zones from Out of Line (2020) by Isaiah Cheng
5-7: Shelters from Out of Line (2020) by Isaiah Cheng

Ensemble Piece from Out of Line (2020) by Isaiah Cheng
(Part of a 6 channel multimedia Installation)

Lying Land

Ryan Hopewell

︎ ryanhopewell.com

︎ hop_tog

Ryan’s project ‘Lying Land’ explores the aesthetic design of newly built homes in Cornwall, with an emphasis on showing their place within the landscape. He questions the term ‘affordability’, referencing statistics of house prices in the local area compared to the average wage. 

The artist highlights the development process of various construction sites, showing how the builds are located next to currently populated homes within his moving image piece.

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